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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Sunset romance exit for bride and groom at SF City Hall by City Hall Wedding Photographer
15 years of Wedding Photography Experience at San Francisco City Hall
The most Internationally Awarded Wedding Photographer with City Hall Wedding Images

Over 30 International Awards with actual City Hall Couples on their wedding day.

Hire an experienced professional photographer like Ken to capture the beauty of your wedding day in the magnificent surroundings of SF City Hall. With Ken's expertise, ensure no strangers are in the background, allowing for the best wedding photos in a stress-free way. This incredible location offers exceptional photography opportunities, including marble columns, ornate ceilings, and the Grand Staircase.

Iconic City Hall Exit: Couple & Dramatic Light Play
City Hall wedding photographer
Bridal Elegance: Soft-Lit Doorway Moment with Bouquet
gay couple just married
SF City Hall's Luxurious Vera Wang Bride
City Hall architecture highlighted in a wedding photo
Wedding Photos Sutro Baths Sunset
Bride in Sunlit Dress on 2nd Floor with Subdued Lamp Light
vera wang wedding dress city hall
chinese bride in natural light-Wedding Picture
Flowers San Francisco City Hall
chinese couple city hall
a couple enjoying the architecture
Wedding Bliss on Grand Stairs: Chinese Couple
Captivating Almost-Kiss: Tango-inspired Black & White Moment
sf city hall wedding photography - bride-mayors-balcony
reading vows with emotion city hall
groom walking with bride 2nd floor candid loving moment
Bride's Vow at Rotunda:exchanging rings
playful couple
Indian Bride's Passionate Kiss at SF City Hall Wedding
kissing under
walking outside city hall
SF City Hall Bridal Elegance in Frame: Curvy Dress
SF City Hall Bridal Elegance | Wedding Photography
Photo of Couple with a romantic gaze - Wedding Exit SF City Hall
Gay Wedding city hall san francisco
Newlyweds share an intimate moment on a balcony with ornate railing.
Elegant Bride Illuminated by Window Light at SF City Hall
2nd floor silhouette  city hall
Chinese bride in beautiful dress
filipino couple just married city hall pictures 3r Floor
Wedding Dress in the Rotunda
A Couple in Morning Light
Indian Couple before first look
Let's get married at City Hall
City Hall windows
Wedding Couple and Architecture city hall
Lesbian Couple just married
Passionate Couple at San Francisco City Hall
City Hall grand Staircase
Wedding gown in window light
Romantic Window Frame: Bride & Groom's Tender Moment
a beautiful dress in the light
dramatic pose on 4th floor
wide angle mayors balcony
first kiss mayors balcony
A Beautiful Spanish Bride in the Window of San Francisco's City Hall - | Wedding Photographer
chinese couple jump
celebration after ceremony leaving city hall polk st
Wedding Candid City Hall: Candids happen. The client is confident
A dramatic moment - Grand Staircase A Groom on One Knee
Just Married San Francisco City Hall
Light on Wedding  Dress  SF City Hall , 2nd Flr South
Two Families with kids, now one on Classic Wedding Exit Polk Street
Grand SF City Hall Wedding Light
Sunset Romance exit: Bride & Groom at SF City Hall
A couple in a wide angle scene
A Indian Groom in Beautiful Light | San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Chinese Bride in Natural Light at City Hall
Window light touches bride from dome
Stunning Bride at Dusk: A Masterpiece of Off-Camera Flash Photography at Land's End, San Francisco
Groom at City Hall
Newlyweds' Sunset Moment Near Golden Gate Bridge
Tender kiss at city hall
A bride poses in natural light coming down from the fourth floor window
Chinese bride red dress
Tender Kiss: Chinese Couple at SF City Hall
Chinese Couple at City Hall 4th floor
a bride and her man at San francisco city hall
marriage kiss rotunda
chinese couple rings on hands
Chinese bride with bouquet
kissing korean mother
mixed family 2nd marriage
Couple: Ornate Balcony View: Grand Classical Interior
Bride Enjoys Wedding Dress
Elegant Lace Wedding Dress & Grand Pillars in Warm Light
Bride & Groom's Enchanting Dance at SF City Hall
Flowing Wedding Dress, Rotunda
3rd floor city hall romance
Passionate Embrace: SF City Hall 4th Floor South Court View
Back of Wedding Dress third-floor windows
Couple Above the Mayor's Balcony in a Rarely Photographed Area of City Hall - Wedding Photos
Bride Tossing Bouquet to her children
Romantic Moment on Mayor's Balcony: A Stunning Backdrop
Wayfare Tavern Dramatic Wedding Scene - Couple Toasting
Swedish Couple Embraces on the the 4th Floor
Capturing Love's Glow: A Bridal Spotlight at San Francisco City Hall
bridal bliss
dancing at San Francisco City Hall
Morning Shadows through Window Light
2nd floor- SfCH couple walking together in love
Chinese Bride City Hall
Shanghai Bride
Private Ceremony
first look groom city hall
bride with bouquet top of grand staircase
persian couple in romantic light
indian couple playful first floor
dancing dip rotunda
Award Winning Photograph 4th Floor SF City Hall - San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography
Just married on the Mayor's Balcony  SF CIty Hall
Bride and daughter twirling  together SF City Hall.
Photo of Couple having fun - just married at city hall | San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography
 Photo of Couple walking down the Grand Staircase at SF City Hall - Wedding Photography
Wedding Bliss: Soft-Lit Couple's Tender Moment on Steps
bride in rembrandt lighting
Just Married at City Hall
An embrace after the ceremony
Grand Staircase portrait
gay couple in window light two grooms in window light
Persian Couple Under the Rotunda - San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
A bride's showing off her veil at her photo session
phillipino groom black and white window lighting
City Hall Wedding Bliss on SF Mayor's Balcony
Couple Above the Rotunda at City Hall
SF Bridal Bliss: Rings & Bouquet Showcase
chinese bride in window light
bridal bouquet city hall  - White Orchids
processional mayo
passionate dance of a chinese couple city hall
military wedding mayors balcony
throwing a bouquet fourth floor
dance dip second floor

Master Photographer, Ken Mendoza

San Francisco City Hall is a popular destination for weddings, so it's important to book your photographer well in advance. If you're looking for someone who knows how to make the most of this amazing location, Ken Mendoza has been shooting photos at City Hall for over a decade and was recently recognized as a Master of Wedding Photography by the Professional Photographers of America. Ken Is, hands down, the most awarded Wedding Photographer in the World, with regard to San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos. All his awarded photos are from real couples on their wedding day. The final images of Ken's two Photography Master Degrees (Master of Wedding Photography Professional Photographers America and Icon Master of Photographer (Formerly Master of WPPI)) were attained with City Hall Images. As of this writing(early 2024), Ken Mendoza is the only Wedding Photographer holding these two Master's Degrees in California. There are less than five that hold these two degrees in the USA.

Photography, like every art form, is subjective, and all the degrees in the world won't make a couple happy with their precious photos. So let's look at the details:

Wedding Photo Packages and Pricing

We offer a variety of Photography Packages. All options include high-resolution photos and an online gallery. Pricing Available Upon Inquiry.

Standard Wedding Package
Duration: 2 hours
Description: Extended coverage to include most of the best locations at City Hall. Time enough to ensure no strangers arein the background of your photos. More variety of locations,and poses. By far the most popular package.

Basic Coverage (Elopement)
Duration: 1 hour
Description: Ideal for capturing the essential moments of the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Coverage + San Francisco Photo Tour
Duration: 3½ hours
Description: Comprehensive wedding coverage, including a photo tour of San Francisco's iconic locations.

Wedding Coverage + Deluxe San Francisco Photo Tour
Duration: 4½ hours
Description: All the benefits of the standard photo tour package, with additional time for more locations or detailed shoots.

Reception Coverage (Day Of Wedding)
Description: Capture the joy and celebrations of the wedding reception. Duration is customizable based on client needs.

Custom Elopement Packages
Includes: Pre-Wedding & Engagement Photos
Description: Tailored packages for couples eloping, featuring engagement shoots and custom planning for the wedding day.

For more details visit our City Hall Photography Packages page. Wedding photography packages are available for just Wedding Ceremony coverage or all-day premium photo tours. Tours are available, before, after or on a different day than your actual ceremony. Photo opportunities abound in the San Francisco Bay Area including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Crissy Field beach, Palace of Fine Arts and more. No matter what package you select, you will get absolutely stunning photographs that exceed your wildest dreams.

Get More Photos, Faster!

When you choose to work with Ken, you will get up to 4X the photos than the competition provides! This is due to the consistency of quality and lighting that Ken and his able to produce at City Hall, as well as a streamlined process for editing and delivering photos.

Choose Your Favorite Photos - Don't Let the Photog pick them for you!

Ken’s process and technology allow couples to actually choose their favorite photos from the whole catalog! This ensures that no special moment, family member, or friend goes unnoticed or left out of the gallery. No more wondering if a special photo was missed in the group chosen by the photographer. That is old school! Couples should get every image that is meaningful to them. Ken works with couples to make sure they receive professionally edited photos of the photos the client has carefully selected. Ken’s experience sets him apart from the competition, giving newlyweds an unrivaled number of photos to share with their wedding party and the world.

Locations for Photos at San Francisco City Hall

One of the best things about having your wedding at City Hall is that you can take advantage of the many formal photo locations available. The grand staircase on the 4th floor or the mayor's balcony offer perfect backdrops for formal posed shots. And if you're looking for something more casual, there are plenty of great spots around the building where you can take some fantastic group photos.

And of course, City Hall is also a great location for your civil ceremony in the intimate Rotunda. Plus, since City Hall is such a popular tourist destination, your guests will love being able to explore this iconic building after your ceremony.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable wedding location, consider San Francisco City Hall. With its stunning architecture and wonderful photo opportunities, it's sure to provide memories that will last a lifetime. We are known for our unforgettable stress-free, wedding photography and engagement photoshoots serving both local and destination wedding clients from all over the world.

Stunning images even on a cloudy day

Even if it is a cloudy day, with crowds at City Hall, your final gallery (high resolution) will reflect our decades of award-winning photography. We live to make your City Hall wedding story unforgettable. We dream of creating magic at the most beautiful city hall in the country. (and It's not even close!)

2010, Ken saw some photos from City Hall and couldn't believe that many professional photographers would arrive at a paid job without off-camera lighting. He saw on cloudy and dark days, they would swarm like honeybees to the 4th Floor, where the only natural light enters the building directly. It became obvious to Ken that there was an opportunity for the discerning couple that wanted the affordable City Hall wedding but superior photography. At that moment, the idea of a premium brand without compromise but with reasonable prices would be Ken's Niche. That was the birth of San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography.

Natural Light vs. Professional Lighting

Natural light. The saying goes," that Natural Light is always best." For phones perhaps but, for professional photography, it is not so straightforward. Yes, at first glance, it doesn't seem hard to take a bad photo at a place like San Francisco City Hall. One of the most often asked question from couples is when is the best time for photo at City Hall? Most people understandably equate the question as like asking about the Golden Hour for outdoor photography. The entire building was designed for expansive views and to show the glory of the preeminent city of the West Coast at the turn of the century. It was not designed for wedding photography. City Hall is MUCH darker than it first appears, and only the 4th floor has adequate natural light during most days of the year. And if it's a cloudy day, then what?

If you want dimension, life and colors in your photos. If you don't want your photos to look like everyone else's. You will need a professional photographer that understands how to light this huge amazing space in a way that your family and friends will love, The most romantic and beautiful building on the West Coast offers four majestic floors that inspire lifelong memories.

When is the Best Time? Where is the Best Light?

Answer: we will make every day epic!

Our Lead City Hall wedding Photographer, Ken Mendoza, knows City Hall like no other, from the dates and times sunlight actually hits down to the first floor of the building to wedding day hacks, like those hidden spaces that are always quiet and intimate even on the busiest days. Ken will always be using natural light when it is available for striking dramatic moments, like this:

Grand Staircase Bridal Magic: Perfect Light MomentsThe sun doesn't often shine on perfect spots lower floors of CIty Hall. When it does it is only for minutes!

But on the darkest days, tasteful lighting reveals the unappreciated beauty of the lower floors of SF City Hall.

Elegant Bride Showcases Wedding Dress - Award-Winning Photo

Lighting Up the Darker Lower Floors at SF City Hall

Post Production and your Photo Gallery: The Final Product

Finally, our post-production is unmatched with every photo is edited to remove strangers, fire alarms and annoying camera and lights that disturb the beauty of the amazing architecture. We can handle any size group with our team of hand-picked photographers led by Ken.

Our photography services are very flexible with packages for every need. From elopement /ceremony only, to all day - wedding prep, first look, Ceremony (personal vows coverage) and additional locations and more.

SF City Hall Wedding Photography in San Francisco, California

We specialize in Civil Wedding Photography, at San Francisco City Hall and all the beautiful locations around San Francisco for additional backdrops for wedding photography. San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography is centrally located near downtown San Francisco, near the important landmarks of Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge and Ferry Building Marketplace. Our office is just a few short blocks away from the historic downtown neighborhood, which features many hundred-year-old buildings and extensive high-end retail establishments, restaurants and entertainment venues. If you haven’t visited downtown San Francisco, you are truly missing out!

About San Francisco

San Francisco acts as the financial, cultural and political hub of the area as it is centrally located at the intersection of highways 80 and 280, south of San Bruno Mountain State & County Park, and just west of Farallon Islands. It is situated in Northern California and is the 17th most populous city in the United States, and the fourth most populous in California, situated about 12 miles east of the cities of Alameda and Oakland. Some amazing landmarks in the area include Lombard Street, Coit Tower, Nob Hill, Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.

This makes SF City Hall Wedding Photography (conveniently located at 100 Pine St) a centrally located professional photographer who offers his services to couples who are planning their City Hall Wedding. We are one of the best wedding photographers in San Francisco. No other City Hall photographers have as many International Photography Awards from real couples at City Hall. We can be easily found throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including the surrounding communities of Daly City, San Mateo, and Berkeley, California. Just search for "photographers near me", and we are almost always listed in the top 10 regardless of what city you live in.

Other California Locations We Serve:

San Mateo, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Vallejo, Concord, Berkeley, Fairfield, Richmond, Antioch, San Mateo, Daly City, & Vacaville.


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