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Wedding Dresses in Motion: The Spin Collection

Capturing the Flow of Wedding Dresses at San Francisco City Hall

Having photographed many hundreds of weddings at San Francisco City Hall, I have found that most brides love to show off the flow of their wedding dresses. Over time, I have developed poses using simple dance concepts, to capture dramatic movements of a Bride and her dress. No matter the time of day or weather conditions, I use lighting to highlight you and your dress, and bring out the beauty and flow of your wedding gown.

Award Winning Photograph 4th Floor SF City Hall - San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography
Back of Wedding Dress
Bride and daughter twirling
Ballerina Bride's Elegant Dance at SF City Hall
Spin Wedding dress
Bride Twirling
bridal impressionistic
City Hall Brides
wedding dress in motion
spinning mermaid dress
bride twirling short dress
Elegant slender Chinese bride spinning her gorgeous dress | San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
city hall wedding dress
Chinese twirling bride
Couple on the First Floor in a Rarley Photographed Area of City Hall - SF City Hall Wedding Photography
Flowing Wedding Dress, Rotunda
Chinese Wedding Dress spinning
bride in rembrandt lighting