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The Best San Francisco City Hall Wedding Locations

  1. The Rotunda
  2. Mayor's Balcony
  3. Fourth Floor Balcony


San Francisco City Hall is the most beautiful city hall on the west coast (by far!). The building covers over two full city blocks an area of over 500,000 square feet. The dome is completely self-supporting and the fifth largest dome in the world, giving it a grandeur and majesty larger even than the one in our nations capital! The famous wedding of Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe was held here. In 2004 Gavin Newsome directed the city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, City Hall has become an historical beacon for the best that a wedding has to offer.

Built in 1931 to recover from the great Quake in 1906, it was conceived as a testament to the rising glamour of San Francisco. Inside is marble from Italy, Colorado, Vermont, and Alabama. Statues adorn various locations, conceived and sculpted by Henri Crenier (link).

City Hall is the finest example of the Beaux Arts style which merges elements of French, Roman and Greek design.

As one of the most historic buildings in America it's four floors have a plethora of locations to create everlasting wedding memories. Each of the locations described below will give your wedding pictures a guaranteed glow for the ages.

The following locations are available:

  1. The Rotunda:

The Rotunda is found at the top of the grand staircase and is the most popular location for wedding ceremonies. The sweeping views of the Grand Staircase and the main give it a sense of timelessness that is hard to beat. In addition the light is almost always perfect in this location. Getting the light played off the beautiful bride's dress is a sight to behold and can remind us of fairies dancing in the moonlight.

Standing in the center of the Rotunda, within the main heart of City Hall, circles and below the beautiful art deco lamps lends opportunity to beautiful light. Light comes both from the classical torches along the walls, and natural light from the historic SF City hall dome.

Surrounded by finely crafted marble from quarries all over the world. The floor of the Rotunda features an intricate design and is made out of Tennessee pink marble.

The interior design of the Rotunda features four Medallions created by the famous sculptor Henri Crenier. http://www.sfartscommission.org/tours/CityHallVirt...

The walls that surround the Rotunda are made of limestone blocks from the state of Colorado.

A depiction of Father Time is seen on the East wall of the Rotunda. An hour glass is in his hand. History is seen on his left and future on his right.

The inscription under Father Time reads: "San Francisco, oh glorious City of our hearts that has been tried and found not wanting. Go thou with like spirit to make the future thine."

The Grand staircase leads to the Ceremonial Rotunda and the Board of Supervisor's Chamber on the second floor.

Mayor's Rotunda Balcony "Oro en Paz Fierro en Guerra" is inscribed in the limestone. It means "Gold in Peace, Iron in War.

http://architectdesign.blogspot.com/2010/07/san-fr... gilded bronze hand railing.

There are numerous wonderful events held in the Rotunda, that take advantage of the soaring and inspiring location. These evening events are filled with glamour and shine, check this one out http://dancersgroup.org/venue/sf-city-hall-rotunda/ when you get the chance. Its absolutely stunning!

Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor is considered one of the best places to have a private wedding at city hall. Getting married under one of the most beautifully designed arches in the world will create memories that last forever. The majestic ceilings set off the natural light in a way you won't see anywhere else.

Having your wedding on the fourth floor means getting the best possible views of the classical frescos and status designed by Henri Crenier. Its absolutely gorgeous (link to pics)

An image of the ship the San Carlos is incorporated into the design of the leaded glass windows on the fourth floor gallery area and the light Court Skylights. During the renovation, skylight coverings put up during the cold war were removed allowing natural light to once again filter down and light the fourth floor and in fact the entire City Hall.

The Mayor's Balcony

The Mayor's balcony is a private balcony designed for private use by the Mayor. Despite this fact, the Mayor is not usually entertaining at this location and the balcony is subsequently rented out for private events, weddings being the most popular. This absolutely elegant location is located on the East side of the 2nd floor and provides a soaring backdrop for your wedding, with view of the entire inner sanctum of city hall as yout backdrop, the location sets the tone of class that you won't find in any other city hall in the country.

The classic Greek columns and lilting soft colored natural light make this an unforgettable location.


Choosing from one of these locations is guaranteed to bring joy to the start of your married life together. The neoclassical details of this location mean you don't have to worry about the backdrop of your wedding. It will be absolutely stupendous, guaranteed!

City Hall is completely ADA accessible. A ramp was built to make access across the Rotunda possible.