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City Hall Wedding Photographer Ken Mendoza - Raves & Reviews

Ken, is an amazing photographer. He is very professional. He taught us the poses before taking the pictures which helped us a lot. The photos look amazing. He is truly an artist and we are so lucky to have him for our ceremony. A lot of my friends already asked for his info for their weddings.

Samira Z.

Perfect Moments

Ken did an amazing job photographing our city hall wedding! It was great working with him and the pictures turned out amazing! His approach made it easy to work together, resulting in flawless images. He knows exactly where to get the best photos in City Hall and also how to get the lighting perfect in the pictures, proving why he is a highly recommended wedding photographer in San Francisco. He gave us some truly incredible pictures to remember our day, a testament to why he's considered a top photographer in San Francisco, especially for weddings, capturing every special moment perfectly. Would highly recommend Ken!

Travis S.

Ken's Experience

As soon as Ken showed up I knew we were working with the right guy!! His vibes are immaculate and he definitely calmed my nerves the second we met. It's obvious Ken is a professional and knows what he is doing. Extremely knowledgeable on the photo locations at city hall and getting the best photos possible. We had so much fun on our shoot and…

Cathy T.

THE Wedding Photog in SF

Having Ken as our wedding photographer in San Francisco was the best decision we could've ever made! Ken was such a pleasure to work with and made things fun and easy for us and the family.. He's also a beast in photography! He knows how to work his magic, from suit adjustments, dress positions, lighting, poses, angles, etc. We knew our photos would turn out incredible, but our jaws were to the floor when we received them. He exceeded our expectations immensely! We feel fortunate and grateful to have Ken present on our special day and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Jason C.

Perfect City Hall Wedding Photos

My husband and I found Ken when we were looking for our city hall wedding photographer and we are so happy we did for our day of the wedding! From the minute I had the first talk with Ken I knew he's the right person. He's very friendly, professional and patient on all my questions. And the style and quality of his work sets him apart from the other photographers we had research for. On the day of shooting, we were even more impressed by his service. Ken was so familiar with the city hall and took us to all the good spots to take the best photo, truly showcasing his expertise in hall photography. He also spent a lot of effort to make sure the lighting works great according to the location and the mood we want, showcasing his skills as a professional photographer. The pictures came out so lovely and we couldn't be happier.

Coco C.

San Francisco

Stunning Wedding Photos

Ken is great to work with. My wife and I are both so thrilled with the photos Ken took on our wedding day. His work speaks for itself. His attention to every small detail in each photo is just amazing. My wife loves artistic photos and she was super pleased with Ken's style of editing, especially with how he captured our San Francisco wedding. He does not rush you and takes his time on every single picture he takes. His sense of humor and personality made our day even better.

We got lucky on our wedding day and the city and was pretty quite. Ken spent more than an hour extra for us and took more pictures at no extra cost. We loved working with him and would love to work with him again soon.

Sasan P.


Artistic SF City Hall Wedding Photographer: Quick and Expert Service

Ken is a very artistic photographer and was a pleasure to work with! He also responds to email very very quickly and has a survey to make sure he has all the information he needs.

We met Ken half an hour before our City Hall Ceremony. Ken is very knowledgeable about City Hall and how everything works. My husband and I were worried that we would not get the Rotunda (we had quite a few family members & friends with us - definitely more than 6) but Ken assured us that everything would be fine and even told my grandparents where they could sit while we wait for our turn.

It took a while before it was our turn, so Ken started taking some photos while we waited, seizing every possible special moment. After the ceremony, Ken took us to the 4th floor (we were lucky it wasn't reserved, it is a beautiful space) and took the group photos there. Once we were done with the group photos, Ken took my husband and I to different parts of City Hall to take pictures. My husband and I didn't really know what to do, so Ken directed us through it all.

My husband and I had a great experience working with Ken and we are so glad we found him as our SF City Hall Wedding Photographer. We received a few preview photos the next day, which were stunning examples of his city hall photo skills, and are very happy with them! We can't wait to see the rest of our wedding ceremony photos.

Hilary A. Boston

Top Photographer, Discover Ken's Magic

Ken is the best SF City Hall Wedding Photographer. My circumstances are unique in that I had recently was married and wanted some beautiful wedding photos at San Francisco City Hall. While looking for a SF City Wedding Photographer I was looking for the following attributes in a photographer: excellent technical skills, patience, creativity, and emotional intelligence. I admire his professionalism while at the same time, making the experience so memorable. You will never find anyone with such an awesome energy and vibe as Ken. His style is romantic, relaxed and full of brilliant lights. He knows all the locations in SF City Hall and the specific lighting techniques for each location. I'd highly recommend anyone needing a great city hall wedding photographer to check San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography.

Leila J

San Jose

Photography and Beyond: Stunning Wedding Moments

It is really hard to add anything to the accolades already written by others on this thread, which are all true.

Perhaps I'll add that I was really nervous about having a complete stranger at our most intimate moment, mortified looking at current photography trends, and websites of photographers that friends recommended (sorry, friends). Then my friend Katie said she found San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography online – one call later, I just knew Ken was IT.

I really appreciated that Ken did not rush to sell themselves to us, but rather offered an honest dialogue about what wedding photography entails, and wanted to be sure that they were the right match. And , yes... Flexible, professional, charming…Not only was he not nervous, but Ken even involved our nephews in playing photographers, which made it so lovely.

The best part: stunning, stunning photographs. Pretty much the best wedding pictures of me, that anyone has ever taken , lol.... Super pro, timely delivery, too – and just to demonstrate what kind of people we are dealing with: a year later I ran into Ken in my Oakland neighborhood, and mentioned that I was struggling with posting some photos online – they offered to help!
The tagline for this couple & company: "Photography and Beyond"

Ivana L


If you are looking for a San Fran photographer

…. stop looking now and call Ken…. You will be very happy you did!

Ken is absolutely deserving of his 5-star reviews on Yelp!

We recently hired him to take our wedding photos and he far exceeded our expectations. He created a wonderful experience for us at our San Francisco City Hall wedding. He is not only a masterful photographer, both capturing and creating the photos we wanted, he also knows San Francisco City Hall's in and out, making him a top choice for anyone looking to get married at San Francisco City Hall and seeking that perfect city hall photo. Ken confidently showed us the ropes by knowing exactly where to go and what to do, and which steps would happen next.

The turnaround time for the pictures were super-fast and I was able to review the photos before the final edits.

We can't recommend him enough!!

Shaun L.


Ken CRUSHED IT! The Best in the Bay

We had our wedding at SF City hall and the guy knows it like the back of his hand.

We had another wedding in the Central Coast and we were seriously going to forgo our deposit so we can have Ken again.

This guy will do it all and it was so fun having him there.

Best Photographer in the Bay hands down!

Tim K

Santa Clara

SF City Hall Wedding Success

My fiance and I were married last week in SF city hall and used Ken as our photographer. He was amazing, truly a professional photographer worth every penny. Not only was he professional but very helpful with the entire process. We couldn't have chosen a better photographer. It was truly a great experience and if you are looking for truly great artistic photos then I highly recommend Ken and Duende photo. We are so happy with the finished product. Awesome work!!!

Saydha P

Walnut Creek

Stunning City Hall Pictures, A Perfect Choice!

My fiance and I were on the fence about hiring a photographer for our city hall civil ceremony since we were eloping in Bali but we decided to several weeks before the date. We ended up chosing Ken because he is reasonable priced and we loved his portfolio.
Ken made us feel really comfortable during the photo shoot and he captured great moments. He really enjoys what he does and it reflects in his work! He has done a few shoots at city hall so he knew where the most picturesque backdrops were.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my wedding photographs came out and I am so delighted that I can look back at it years from now! Our expectations were far exceeded and made our special day even more memorable!

Alexander T