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5 Quick Tips About San Francisco City Hall

5 Quick Tips About San Francisco City Hall

Located at the end of Market Street, San Francisco City Hall is a famous landmark and place of employment for many employees. If you're visiting the city or just looking to learn about what goes on behind those doors, read these tips to get yourself up to speed!

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Tip #1: There's Lots Of History Here

Built in 1915, this building has been standing proudly for over 100 years and is one of the most historical buildings in all of San Francisco. It was built after the 1906 earthquake destroyed much of the city and was inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. When it was first opened, it housed all three branches of government – The Mayor's Office, Board Of Supervisors, and the Courts. While it only holds the Mayor's Office these days, people still come to enjoy its historical significance.

Tip #2: There's A Unique Rotunda

If you've ever passed by San Francisco City Hall or seen pictures of it online, you're probably wondering about that rotunda everyone keeps talking about. The unique building is both an iconic symbol for San Francisco as well as a representation of classic architecture from decades ago. The whole building has a gothic look to it with towers shooting up into the sky and beautiful statues dotting its exterior walls which makes for a great photo opportunity!

Tip #3: Free Tours Are Offered Daily - No Appointment Needed!

Even if you don't work here, you can still take a free tour of the building. These tours are offered daily with no appointment needed! If you're interested in seeing this beautiful building for yourself or would like to learn more about the history that goes on inside it, this is definitely something you'll want to check out.

Tip #4: A Unique Garden Stands Right Outside The Door

As soon as you walk outside City Hall, there's a garden with classical sculptures and flowers right off the plaza where people eat lunch on nice days, so be sure to visit it once you've finished your tour. It was originally designed by William Drummond back in 1910 but now features additional sculptures and plants to add to the gorgeous look.

Tip #5: There's Also A Museum Here For You To Visit

If you're interested in learning more about the history of San Francisco, be sure to check out this museum located inside City Hall! It features modern installations with different artifacts from over the years, so there are new things to discover each time you stop by.

Have you ever wondered about the history of San Francisco City Hall, or if there are any fun things for kids to do at it? This interactive article has all the answers!

If you're looking to visit San Francisco City Hall with your children, here are 5 tips for how to make it a worthwhile experience.

1. Guide Them Through the Halls

While visiting San Francisco City Hall, be sure to take your kids on a guided tour of the building. Not only will this give them interesting facts about the city's history, but they can also learn plenty of new words in sign language. Sign language is an integral part of culture at SF City Hall after all! Our friend Madame Curie shares her insights: "I wouldn't describe it as a secret language, more like a sign of appreciation or gratitude."

2. Try to Sneak in Some Learning about the Environment

San Francisco City Hall is where you can go to learn what SF groups and individuals are doing to better the environment around them! While your kids might not understand these initiatives just yet, giving them an awareness and passion for preserving our planet will undoubtedly benefit their future. Even if they don't know exactly how we're working towards these goals, they'll still feel connected and empowered by our willingness to fight for a healthy, sustainable world.

3. Test Your Balance on Our Rooftop Terrace

San Francisco City Hall boasts one of the most beautiful views in all of SF. Try to bring your kids here during sunset so they can watch the sky light up with hues of orange and pink as it reflects off our buildings' stately architecture. This is also the perfect time for them to take a break from learning and test their balance on our rooftop terrace. They'll feel like they're balancing among clouds!

4. Visit Our Model Solar Home!

Be sure to stop by our model solar home located just outside San Francisco City Hall's front entrance, before you leave this place! Inside, your kids will learn that everyone has a role to play in helping us reduce carbon emissions and limit global warming. You can even buy some of the solar power equipment we sell inside and take it home with you!

5. Enjoy Our World-Class Art Collection

San Francisco City Hall contains some of the most beautiful art in all of SF, and it's available for free to enjoy during your visit! Be sure to introduce your kids to our collection of paintings featuring prominent pioneers in sign language. While exploring this wing, they might even be able to spot a few familiar faces from home! Madame Curie confided: "I'm so proud that we have such an extensive art collection at San Francisco City hall. It features pieces from our vibrant community showcasing its many talents."

If you're looking for fun things to do with your children in San Francisco, visiting City Hall is the perfect choice! Don't forget to bring your kids on a guided tour, and don't forget about our rooftop terrace and solar power demonstrations. Have you visited SF City Hall with your children? What was their favorite part of the experience?

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