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My name is Ken Mendoza and I am a photographer based in San Francisco, and the founder of San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers and Cofounder of Duendephoto (San Francisco Bay Area & Destination Weddings).
Ken has over 100 International Awards (many captured at City Hall) from prestigious international photographic competitions such as WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photography International), PPA Professional Photographers of America, Asia Wedding Photographers Associations (Asia WPA) and WPE - European International Photography Awards.
In 2022, represented Team USA for the World Photographic Cup (Wedding Category), an Olympic style international competition between top photographers from around the world.
As long as I can remember, I've been inspired to create. Ever since I discovered my passion for photography it's been my obsession. As a client, you will feel the love for what I do and the enthusiasm for making each image perfect.
Statement of Purpose:

In a world where the authentic and the genuine are cherished, some suggest that the polished elegance of fine art photography and the accolades of professional achievement might somehow dilute the 'realness' of your special moments. They posit a choice between 'us'—the authentic, everyday love stories—and the supposedly 'haughty' realms of professional, award-winning photography. But I believe in a different narrative.

"True artistry in photography doesn't mask authenticity; it amplifies it."

It's about guiding with intention, not dictating or staging. It's about creating a space where you feel so supported and confident that your natural, spontaneous selves shine through. Our expertise and accolades are not a barrier to real moments but a bridge to capturing them with unparalleled clarity and beauty.

The comparison to choosing a skilled professional, whether a mechanic, electrician, or hairstylist, holds true in photography. The moments we capture are irreplaceable, and trusting them to someone solely based on their social media popularity overlooks the essence of what makes your day uniquely yours.

The true value lies not in the number of Instagram views but in the depth of understanding, technical skill, and the ability to reflect your personalities through romantic, playful candids.

Let's see through the marketing fog together. Choosing a wedding photographer is about more than hiring a service; it's about selecting a partner who will capture the essence of your love story with both authenticity and artistry.

Don't settle for the myth that professional sophistication and emotional authenticity are mutually exclusive. With Ken Mendoza as your photographer, experience a seamless blend of both, ensuring that every photograph is not just seen but felt, deeply and genuinely.

My goal is always to provide clients dramatic timeless images from an unforgettable shoot. You will laugh and maybe even cry! But you will leave with a glow from the peak experience of our time together. From the India to the top of Yosemite's Half Dome, and yes, to San Francisco City Hall , I aim to always provide something new and fresh to every single client.

Recent Awards and Accolades:

2023 Master of Wedding Photography: Professional Photographers of America

Chosen to represent World Cup of Photography Winner 2022, Team USA in wedding category.

2022 3rd Place Creative Wedding Category WPPI Annual with a City Hall exit photo

Master of WPPI (Icon Awards) (one of about 150 award winning photographers with over 20 awards in all photographic genres) the most prestigious of the world’s photographic competitions.

2nd Place 2021 WPPI annual print competition (Gold Award )bride and groom wedding day category

2021 Grand Imaging award finalist PPA International Photographic Competition

Top 10 (#6 overall )WPE Europe International Photographer Awards 2019

Gold Award Bride Alone Wedding Day Category for a City Hall Wedding Photo. WPE Europe 2019

Elite Member Status - Asia Wedding Photographers Association (one of 5 Americans with this honor with 12 Silver Awards)

3 Silver Awards (Total of 11 Awards) WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photography International) 1st 1/2 Competition 2019

Photographer of the Year - Professional Photographers of the Wine Country 2018

Top 10 Wedding Photographers Worldwide Ranked #10 in World & #5 USA- Wedawards Best Wedding Photographers 2017

Admitted to WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photography International) Honors of Excellence Guild - March 2018

2nd Place award for City Hall Wedding Photo "Love is Love" in WPPI Bride and Groom Wedding Day Category 2017

WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photography International) Award Winner (5 awards - including City Hall Real Wedding Photos) 2016 & 2017

Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 - Professional Photographers of the Wine Country

Member of the Prestigious Fearless Photographers

Member of Inspiration Photographers

Photographer of the Year 2016 - Professional Photographers of the Wine Country

Print Competition Judge PPWC - Professional Photographers of the Wine Country

Educator - Classes taught to professional photographers on lighting for wedding photography

Member of Masters of Light (International) - A invitation only group of 1,000 of best wedding photographers worldwide

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, my travels frequently take me to destinations like Wine Country, Italy, and Yosemite. This past year, I had the opportunity to capture the beautiful moments of a wedding in India, where the couple previously celebrated their American wedding at City Hall. Additionally, I experienced the unique chance to photograph an entire wedding atop Yosemite's Half Dome. Indeed, I am willing to travel globally to document those priceless moments.

WPE International Awards Winner - Ken Mendoza, SF City Hall Wedding Photographer