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Award Winning San Francisco Bay Area Photographer
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Award Winning San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

1) Title: "Ken Mendoza - 2018 PPWC Photography Winner & Grand Wedding Photographer"

2) Permanent Link: "ken-mendoza-ppwc-winner-and-wedding-photographer"

3) Meta Description: "Discover the art of Ken Mendoza, San Francisco City Hall, Yosemite & Bay Area wedding photographer and 2018 ppwc photography winner with captivating imagery."

4) Complete Default Response No Processing: "Enjoy the exquisite works of Ken Mendoza, an award-winning photographer famed for capturing poignant moments in stunning locations such as City Hall in San Francisco, beautiful Yosemite, and the vibrant San Francisco Bay area. Having earned accolades including being named 2018’s ppwc photographer of the year, Mendoza continues to share his impressive artistry through magazine covers and wedding photography.